Born on the beaches of Rio, frescobol is a truly Carioca game.
"Invented" in 1945 by Lian Pontes de Carvalho, frescobol was created by young Rio natives who were seeking a new way to enjoy the beach.

Jump forward some decades and the Frescobol Carioca founders, Harry Brantly and Max Leese play a game of frescobol on the beaches of France’s west coast. Passers-by are intrigued by the beautiful beach bats and game; stopping, staring and asking questions. At this moment Harry and Max realise that they had introduced Rio’s lifestyle to another part of the world. 

We continue to transport the Carioca spirit across the globe and want thrills of frescobol to be experienced by those beyond the coast of Brazil, and so created Frescobol on Tour; a series of events that allows people in varied cities to discover the techniques of the traditional Brazilian game.

For our first Frescobol on Tour we partnered with Soho House’s Little Beach House Barcelona.