At FRESCOBOL CARIOCA, sustainability is a cause that we care deeply about. We believe in championing quality, timeless products made with care and concern for the environment, and that manufacturing responsibly is a true mark of modern luxury.


Our commitment to ecologically-responsible production begins with our design process. Rather than trend-led styles, we hope to offer our customer well-made and wearable wardrobe staples cut from the finest fabrics that will stand the test of time, leading to a naturally extended life-cycle for each and every product.
Each new collection seeks to thoughtfully expand on our core collection, and is manufactured in small quantities to try and eliminate waste caused by overproduction.


We work with predominantly European factories who share our commitments to quality products, environmental principles, and ethical working conditions.
In those circumstances that our items are manufactured outside of Europe, we make our decisions carefully on the basis of expertise. This is most notably the case with our toquilla straw Panama hats- crafted by artisans in Ecuador- and our signature frescobol beach bats, handbuilt by Brazilan marceneiros in Bahia. With these items, we choose to champion traditional techniques, and a slower and sustainable practice of artisanal production for a truly quality product. FRESCOBOL CARIOCA believes that such craftsmanship is not only a hallmark of luxury, but also a more human-centered approach that offers meaningful employment within local South American communities, a cause close to all of our hearts.


Throughout our ready-to-wear offering, the fabrics that we use are sourced predominantly within Europe, and centre sustainable, biodegradable and plant derived materials such as linen, Tencel and organic cotton. Furthermore, we salvage waste offcuts produced by the Brazilian furniture industry and upcycle them to create our trademark wooden accessories, repurposing these precious materials that would otherwise be discarded.
Having long used ecologically-responsible, biodegradable cardboard boxes to send out every online order made, we are working to further improve the sustainability of our packaging, prioritising recycled and recyclable materials in place of single-use plastic within our supply chain. To this end, we have introduced all new poly-bags this year made from recycled plastic, and hope to have fully transitioned to using only these by the end of 2021, across both e-commerce and wholesale orders.


Finding its roots in Brazil, home to our beloved Amazonia rainforest, FRESCOBOL CARIOCA considers environmentalism to be of the utmost importance as we move forwards as a company. We pledge to continue to innovate and improve at all levels, from production to personal conduct amongst our staff, in order to reflect a company-wide commitment to sustainability. We hope that our customers will do the same.