For Spring Summer ‘20 we introduce the Mobília collection. 

From the hypnotic rhythms of bossa nova beats to the defiant ingenuity of the Neo-Concreto artists, Brazil has birthed some of the most eminent cultural innovations, but Brazil’s modernist furniture design has only procured acclamation and esteem in the last few decades. 

Visit Rio’s homes, hotels, galleries and museums and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the ingenious works of Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Joaquim Tenreiro, Lina Bo Bardi and Giuseppe Sacpinelli, amongst the other creatives that innovated the international design scene in the mid-century, placed elegantly alongside their contemporary counterparts. 

With our new season, we commemorate Brazil’s design history whilst celebrating the innovators of now, with our design team looking to the modernist works of contemporary Carioca furniture designers such as Gustavo Martini and Zanini de Zanine to inspire their collection. 

Our new in prints were created by deconstructing and reworking the rigid formations and acute angles utilised by such designers, looking to varied sources such as tessellating wooden joints, traditional interlacing techniques and modernist lighting design.

These constructed prints are contrasted with a colour palette that takes its cues from the organic shades of plants and botanicals found in Rio’s interiors. Soft and mature shades of green are harmoniously interrupted with bright citrus, whilst muted tones of orange are contrasted with chalky smoke and ochre.   

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